Who we are GIC GmbH

GUARDIS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS GmbH (GIC GmbH) is an international certification body (CB) specializing in GMP + FSA standards. The company is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany.

The main capital of the company is competent specialists and reputable partners.
The competence of our specialists covers a narrowly focused segment of enterprises involved in the safe production of feed, their sale and transportation, which allows today to conduct audits in several dozen sectors of the economy according to the European classification.
The track record of our auditors includes audits conducted in accordance with the international GMP + (Feed Safety Scheme) for companies engaged in the production of feed materials, feed additives, feed ingredients, compound feeds, premixes, trading companies, companies involved in the storage and transportation of feed products. The geography of enterprises certified by GIC GmbH covers such countries as Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.