What is DAkkS?

GIC GmbH is accredited by DAkkS, this is an important factor not only for us and our image, but also for our customers when choosing, and now I would like to tell you “why?”.

Firstly, accreditation is not only a confirmation of the company's competence, but also a continuous improvement and replenishment of knowledge, all who have accreditation must annually undergo accreditation audits for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 17065 standard (requirement standard for certification bodies). This allows you to check the existing knowledge, check the compliance with the requirements for the work of the company and also the implementation of legislative norms. This, in turn, “behind the scenes” obliges the employees of the certification body and their auditors to follow the updates of the standards and constantly update their knowledge case so as not to lose accreditation.

Secondly, why exactly DAkkS? And what is DAkkS?
DAkkS is a German accreditation body. Each certification body, like its clients, must have and operate a quality management system. For certified bodies, it is regulated by special standards - ISO 17065, ISO 17021, etc. Dax is a checking body - whether certification bodies comply with these requirements. It is worth noting that DAkkS, due to the fact that it is a German accreditation body, and we all know about the pedantry and a little excessive enthusiasm of the Germans, is one of the most stringent inspection bodies, which requires the reproachful fulfillment of all requirements without the slightest deviation. This indicates the difficulty of obtaining accreditation from this body and the difficulty of maintaining it. But it also speaks of the reliability of those certification bodies that have this accreditation in their company.

Thirdly, for everyone who is going to receive a particular certificate, a very important item on your “checklist” should be the choice of a certification body. Indeed, with a good choice, a good certification body, you can be sure of further long-term and reliable cooperation, and effective, and high-quality work. When choosing a certification body, be sure to pay attention to their accreditation, reviews / recommendations of already certified companies in this body, auditors (their location, language of communication, mentality, qualifications, experience, possibly previous cooperation) GIC GmbH already has all this, and DAkkS confirms this.
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