Contact details for Early Warning System (EWS)

Contact details for registration gatekeeper files:

Please, use the next email address in your EWS procedure, if you are certified, or you are going to be certified by GIC GmbH and for registration EWS cases according to GMP+ BA5. You can find the EWS Notification Form on GMP+ website
If you need to register gatekeeper files, please, use the next email address You can find Gatekeeper Form on GMP+ website

Contact details

Fürther Str. 27, 90429, Nürnberg, Germany


+49 91128707018
Due to the current circumstances, our office has been closed for our staff. Our staff will work from home to avoid unnecessary interaction between co-workers or during a commute.

We are trying our best to fully serve you if needed between 09:00 and 18:00 CEST.
You can reach us via email
Phone at +49 911 287 070 18 or +49 176 71262214
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