API 614 Standards: Lubrication, control and auxiliary equipment systems for rotating machines

API 614 covers the design, manufacture, installation and operation of lubrication systems and auxiliary equipment for rotating machines such as compressors, turbines and pumps used in the petroleum, chemical and natural gas industries. This standard ensures the reliability, safety and durability of equipment by improving performance and minimizing failure risks.

The main aspects of API 614 are:
1. Design of lubrication systems:
o Selection of components such as pumps, filters, and coolers.
o Configuration of oil tanks and piping system.
2. Monitoring and control:
o Monitoring system status, temperature and contamination control.
o Activation of alarm and protection systems.
3. Auxiliary equipment:
o Ventilation, cooling and oil management systems.
o Monitoring and measuring instruments for condition diagnostics.
4. Technical requirements and tests:
o Quality and reliability criteria for components.
o Test procedures to verify compliance with API (Document Center). standards.
API 614 ensures high reliability of rotating equipment, which contributes to safe and efficient operation in harsh industrial environments.
As certification experts, we at GIC GmbH have experience in API 614 certification, which confirms our competence and reliability in the field of quality assurance for lubrication systems and auxiliary equipment.

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