Who are GIC GmbH?

GUARDIS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS GmbH (GIC GmbH) is an international certification body (CB) based in Nuremberg, Germany. Specialization of the certification body (CB) - GMP + FSA standards.
GIC GmbH provides a full range of certification services involving highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in various industries and certification. Our company is working in accordance with ISO 17065:2013. We also care about ease of communication and being a multilingual company, our auditors work from different parts of the world, for example from Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland. All of our auditors are accredited in their fields and do not stop expanding their case and knowledge base to provide high-quality, and most importantly, competent and expert services. Passing accreditation by our auditors is one of the most important parts of our work,
Our reliability is not only professionals in their field, but also our customers who do not stop improving and becoming leaders in their markets.

Also, our accreditation is one of the most comprehensive - we work in almost all areas of application of GMP + standards. Namely:
  • Production of feed materials
  • Production of feed additives
  • Premix production
  • Feed production
  • Feed trade
  • Storage and transshipment
  • Automobile transport
  • Railway transport
  • Chartering of road transport
  • Chartering of railway transport
  • QM-Milch
There are no borders for our company, so we work all over the world and every year we expand our geography more and more. Our growth in geography is also due to the fact that we are well aware of European legislation, and our auditors are thoroughly familiar with it and work only within the framework of the law. The number of clients who have trusted us counts NUMBER, and does not stop growing every day.

Our certificate gives our customers the opportunity to enter international markets, increases the company's importance in the market, enhances the image component of the company, with our certificate your customers can be confident in your products or services, because our certificate is a GUARANTEE of quality. In our team, auditors work with any quality standards and there are enough of them for everyone.
GIC GmbH - Quality recognized throughout Europe.
Contact us
Email: help@certgic.com
Phone: +49 91128707018
Address: Fürther Str. 27, 90429, Nürnberg, Germany
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