What is the ISO 45001 standard?

ISO 45001 standard, this standard allows your employees to clearly perform tasks without fear for their health and life, because this standard is aimed at "Health and Safety Systems". This standard is designed to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace to zero. If a company has this standard, it openly declares that all working conditions are observed in accordance with the regulations and are safe. Such guarantees help employees feel safe and work more correctly and efficiently.

What are the objectives of the standard?

The main task is to increase the level of safety of employees in the workplace. In order not only to protect the lives and health of employees, but also to increase their efficiency. After all, the creation of a safe environment is one of the main mechanisms that drive an enterprise. Also, observing all legislative norms and requirements, you can exclude the possibility of force majeure.

Who needs a standard?

Since the ISO 45001 standard, one of the management standards, it will be useful to all organizations wishing to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and protect their employees in general, and also learn how to manage to assess risks and opportunities, as well as plan advising actions. Standard fits:
  • For any company, be it a high risk company or a low risk company.
  • For all companies involved in hazardous production
  • Companies that produce or provide services, as well as local government communities
  • For everyone who cares about the safe working environment of the company

Benefits of ISO 45001?

The standard was developed in order to be able to reduce the risk of accidents at work. The main task is to create a safe working environment and take care of employees, but that's not all, we should also not forget about such advantages as:
  • The risk of accidents tends to zero;
  • Improving labor efficiency by reducing downtime;
  • Reducing insurance costs;
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Attracting new customers, showing my care and commitment to labor protection and creating a safe environment.
And also, since the standard is recognized at the international level, it has an impact on entering international markets and will only accompany this goal. We should also not forget about consumers, because not only quality is important for them, but also safety, and safe production, in accordance with standards, is a guarantor for the consumer and causes a sign of reliability, which gives an advantage in the market, among uncertified companies.
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