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We, GIC GmbH, provide a full range of certification services involving highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in various industries and certification. There are no borders for our company, so we work all over the world and every year we expand our geography more and more. We are an international company, our company employs employees from different parts of the world, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and we do not stop expanding.

All our auditors are professionals and do not stop improving their skills, all our auditors have documents confirming their expertise (CV, audit log, diplomas of education, all possible certificates (in particular in the feed and food field, also if there are certificates of the level of knowledge languages), IRCA certificate)).

We already work with 130+ companies from different parts of the world, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus and this list does not stop growing every day, our auditors can travel all over the world .

If you are a professional and want to continuously improve yourself, your skills and share your experience with others, travel around the world, be part of a rapidly growing and constantly evolving company, a young and friendly team that will not make you bored and will always support you. Fill out the form and we will contact you.
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