What is BRC Food?

The BRC Food Standard is a food safety standard for food quality and safety recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The standard aims to unify international food safety standards, and GFSI recognition says that the BRC standard is international and is committed to ensuring compliance with all requirements and norms of all participants in the global market.

What are the goals of the BRC standard?
The BRC standard is used to ensure the safety of retail food products. This standard has collected the norms and requirements for suppliers of retail companies. The goals of the standard are the same as for example IFS Food, systematization of processes, product quality safety, consumer safety, obtaining quality products. But the systems themselves differ, in IFS the evaluation criteria are points and categories, which is not in BRC. The difference between the standards is really small, but for example, BRC allows suppliers to be certified if there is a significant discrepancy if it is corrected within 28 days and a report is provided, which is not in IFS, this standard does not allow for certification if there is at least one discrepancy . But when compiling a report according to both standards, the time spent is the same.

Benefits of BRC?
Benefits of this standard:
  • Opportunity to enter international markets
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process optimization
  • Transparency in the execution of work
  • Improving the efficiency of internal process management
  • Consumer confidence
  • Improving the company's image of the enterprise
  • Increasing the level of trust of other companies
  • Improving competitiveness
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