What is the IFS Food standard?

IFS Food - is an international food safety standard, this standard ensures and monitors the quality of food and also the progress of food safety inspections, and the quality level of the manufacturer. The standard was developed by members of the Association of Retailers of Italy, Germany, France, in order to obtain the necessary requirements for the quality and safety of food products, to ensure the quality work of food suppliers who manufacture products under their own brands.

What are the goals of IFS Food?

As mentioned earlier, the main task is to ensure the quality and safety of food products. The systematization of processes and the implementation of clear instructions and requirements allows you to secure products. Also, retail chains take on a great deal of responsibility to the consumer if the products on their shelves are from unverified suppliers, and in order to reduce the burden of responsibility and protect the consumer, the existence of a standard indicates the indisputable quality of the product and becomes a priority when choosing a supplier, which generally facilitates the choice of a supplier. and the consumer receives a quality product.

Benefits of the IFS Food standard?

The advantages of this standard are easy and visible to the naked eye, the most obvious is the possibility of entering international markets, because the standard was developed by participants from different countries and is international, it is also a mandatory and important part of entering the international market. Continuous improvement and optimization of processes is also part of the advantages of this standard, because the implementation of clear requirements quickly reduces the risk of production downtime to zero, as well as knowledge of the task and understanding of the processes makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary actions or erratic from work, which will also increase the quality and product safety. Following this, internal management also improves its efficiency due to the fact that all processes are transparent, understandable and clear. As for external factors, naturally, the presence of a standard gives the consumer an understanding of its quality and will protect it from low-quality products. And of course, the image component of the company can improve significantly.
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